Standard Series | Front Loading

It is ideal for those who will be using the kiln for the first time.

Electric kilns in this group are available with 1200 ºC and 1300 ºC temperature options.
The 1200ºC electric kilns are suitable for ceramic, decor, pottery and tile firing.
The 1300ºC electric kilns are suitable for porcelain, ceramic, decor, pottery and tile firings.

In hobby group, the front loading electric kilns are offered with 50 lt, 64 lt, 80 lt and 100 lt capacities. For capacities larger than those volumes, please visit to our school group and studio group ceramic kilns.

In terms of loading and unloading, front loading electrical kilns are more ergonomic than top loading electric kilns. In terms of portability, it is weaker than the top loading electric furnaces.

For detailed information please visit to the "Technical Specifications" tab.